Friday, July 16, 2010


Well the time left on our vacation is quickly coming to an end, not without many memories though. Our journey began on the way to Knoxville. We ate at "Ye Old Steakhouse" I love to eat there. Its on my top 10 list of places to eat. We went on into Pigeon Forge, got to the villa, it was beautiful. The kids played pool, darts, and relaxed in the hot tub. On Monday, I drove Samantha back into Knoxville to meet Lee and Brittany (aka: Bean) for some much needed Girl Time. We had lunch and did some shopping at Turkey Creek. Lee went back to spend some alone time with her hubby and I took the girls back with me. The next day we went to The Track were Sam, Bean, Tabby and Kolton all rode the Skyrider then my crazy daughter and Brittany bungee jumped. They also enjoyed the go-carts and bumper cars. More than anything in the 24 hours that Sam and Bean were together I just loved hearing the two of them laugh, it's been 7 months since I heard that laughter from the two of them. It just totally totally amazes me how these two beautiful little girls are turning into beautiful young ladies. It seems like just yesterday the girls were playing with their toys before either one of them could hardly talk and now all they talk about is clothes and Boys! Stay tuned for the next destination, and pictues.