Thursday, February 17, 2011

No quote right now, just venting...

Today I had to come to Nashville to pay a Heavy Highway Tax in order to get the renewal for our tags on the company dump truck, its a 2 step process. You first pay 550 dollars to get a stamp then drive to downtown Franklin to pay ?????? To get a sticker. So I drive to Nashville with all the highway mess then there is parking right next to the federal courthouse where I need to go, however I parked and seen the officer giving out parking tickets. I didn't want one so I asked him where to I put my money at for parking? He replies it don't work that way. When you are downtown if there is no meter, you can't park there. Hello sir there is a parking spot several actually that are not marked no parking and there is no meter. I ask the officer can I not park here? He said nope, unless you want a ticket. So I moved my car a to another area, go into the office to go through 3 security checks.. I only carried my drivers license, phone, car keys, and of course the envelope with my papers to pay this highway tax. After 2 hours of waiting, I finally get called back to discover the one that filled out all the papers (not me) did it all wrong, so I had to redo all the papers...then the nice lady found a mistake. Yes I had to do it again. Finally I get to leave I walk to my car and leave, it cost me another $9.00 to get out of the parking lot... GOVERMENT! I hadn't ate lunch yet I finally got to run through and grab me something at 1:50 and made it just in time to get at the end of the car line. It's been another long day... So tonight is going to be an easy dinner and to bed early for I have to be up at 5am to just drive downtown again (for another reason) By the way I never made it to downtown Franklin to get that sticker, maybe next week.... I don't know the fine for driving on expired tags but, I'm thinking it might be easier.


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