Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hope for Heaven

Well a week has gone by and it took us a little longer than planed to get the referral from all the doctors in Ethiopia. We waited on one doctor to sign the paper for a week, Berhanu has been awesome going everyday to wait on a signature. Yesterday we got the good news that it was signed...YEAH! Now they are going to get her passport and immigrations office tomorrow. We are praying everything goes as planned and very quickly so she can be here in a week. Keep praying that she keeps getting stronger and God provides all the paperwork to get done quickly with out any problems. I keep walking around saying..."we need a miracle" well that is the business HE is in. I did make progress this week we finished Heavens perfect room. I say perfect because 3 years ago right after we moved in I put lettering on the wall. "With God, all things are possible." that happens to be my favorite verse so it seemed at the time that would be cool on the office wall. Well that room was never used for a office, just storage so I forgot that I had even put it there. I never thought 3 years later I would be turning it into a bedroom and totally leaning on God to bring a sweet little girl into our family and that would be her room. How perfect, so I left it on the wall and put her bed right underneath it. The kids are getting excited and I can honestly say that God has gave me total peace about bringing her into our home and caring for her medical needs. She is going to be ok and we are all going to grow in Faith through all of this. Heaven is going to have a story to tell about how God worked in her life and saved her. Keep praying we still need a miracle.


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  1. That is awesome! So glad that things are falling into place and that she will be able to come here for her surgery. We will be praying for Heaven and your family to be able to handle all the adjustments coming your way!