Monday, June 6, 2011

Hope for Heaven

It's been a long week with very little sleep. I have been on Africa time and Tennessee time. However I can now just go back to Tennessee time, no more late nights calling Sumer and the embassy, plus sending emails. Last Wednesday at 10:30 am I received Heaven's passport and at 2pm I hit the send button on my computer it was the application for Heaven's visa. Now it was night time in Africa so I couldn't do to much. I contacted some politicians and got them on board, they sent the Embassy some emails and pushed a little. I must say I'm not a big fan of politics (Sorry Jon) however I'm really starting to like them. So Thursday morning we found out that the guardianship paper didn't get an official stamp on it from the Ethiopian government and that the offices was closed so we would have to wait until morning to get a stamp. Which meant that no matter how hard we pushed Heaven's chance of making it on that plane was slim to none. On Friday they didn't get the stamp until after the embassy was closed. But we was able to get an appointment for an interview first thing this morning. God has had his hand on this the whole time! A week ago as I was nerves about putting a little girl that was was in cardiac arrest a few weeks ago on a airplane that fear totally left me. It was a week ago Sunday and I had ask a sweet friend to travel with me, which will also be Heaven's pediatrician, she told me we could work something out. As I set through that church service I realized we didn't need to work anything out, God would do that. As I set there through service (Sorry Pastor Tom I have no idea what your message was, however God was showing me one sitting there)all I could see was a plane traveling west in the air with giant hands around it, the fear of putting her on the plane was gone, because God would have the plane in His hands that she will be boarding soon. Back to today... Heaven got her visa! She will be here soon. Now off to make some very important travel plans!


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