Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heaven's almost Home

I am truly amazed at all God has did in the last 3 weeks and also what He did 42 years ago. I love how He has a plan for everything. This Wednesday we will pick Heaven up at the airport, to begin all sorts of new things with her. Good doctors, medicine to help her feel better. A hospital where she will be the only child in the room, not 1 of 10 where she was last time and had to witness 3 of them die in 1 week. Clean water, food not out of a garbage dump but out of a pantry where she can go anytime and get something to eat. A bed to sleep in and not the floor of a shack. A roof over her head that doesn't leak when it rains. A family that will never leave her, like her parents did when she was a baby. Brothers and Sisters to love and play games with. Clothes from the store where they are clean and not from a trash dump where they are soiled and have been thrown away. Yes, this will all come at a price, she will miss her Grandmother and friends. However by stepping on that plane she has Hope and a Future. She will have went from dying in Ethiopia to America in less than a month. God is so good! So now I want to tell you about 42 years ago, my husband was born to a women that didn't know who his father was. She gave him up, yet keep his older brother since he could feed himself. She chose a life of partying rather than raising her boys. Tim was born premature and almost died. Until his aunt and uncle stepped up to raise him as their own. They were both older, they both had a previous marriage and together in all had 10 children. But with out any planning they jumped right in and decided he deserved a chance. When Tim was a young adult he realized that God had saved his life and He felt he owed God something. He told me when we first started dating that He felt he owed God a life. He has felt that way for more than 20 years and this year on his 42nd birthday, we bring Heaven home. This is truly a gift that only God can give. God has big plans for this sweet little girl, I love that fact that we get to be apart of her amazing story. So this Wednesday June 15th we will celebrate with Tim and Heaven, as they bond together and we all start a journey on a path lead by God.

Please continue to keep us all in your prayers for safe travels and for a doctor for Heaven.


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  1. This is a precious post. I am absolutely amazed at how God moves on behalf of the people of Korah. I shouldn't be surprised, because we serve a mountain moving God. Rejoicing with you. May God turn Tim's mourning into dancing! Thanks for sharing!